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Garage Door Service in Galt, CA

When you need garage door service, call the experienced technicians at Garage Door Repair. We are available for all residents and business owners here in Galt. You can call us for any need such as repair, maintenance, and new door installations.

What To Do When Your Door Isn’t Working

Every day we receive calls from our customers who say their garage door has a mind of its own. Maybe it continues to move after you have let go of the button, or it reverses itself. No matter what is going on, we can help with any situation. There are also times you can pay attention to your door and can tell us what is going on with it. You can assess your door and we can let you know if a professional needs to have a look. Here are some things you can look at:
  • Are the safety sensors covered in debris or have they been knocked around?
  • Is your door continuing to move after you have depressed the button?
  • Does it reverse itself (go up when you have pressed to close it)?
  • Are the metal tracks bent?
  • Can you feel a gust of air where the weather seal should be?
  • Do you hear a lot of noise while the door is being open or closed?
These are all things you can check out and we can assess as well to make the necessary adjustments. Other areas such as a broken cable, for example, you would want a professional to check out. Our technicians are trained on how to handle this.

Annual Maintenance and Inspection

Your garage door is one of the most used appliances in your home and it should be maintained as such. Just as you have tune-ups done on your car, you should have it done on your garage door. During your maintenance appointment, a tech will inspect each part of your door to make sure it’s working correctly. Should there be an issue, you can make the decision to have the part tightened, repaired, or replaced altogether. Having regular inspections can really reduce repairs that could potentially be more costly later on.

New Door Installation

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing garage door or you have a newly built garage, we can help. We can help you choose the right design for your style home per your specifications. You can choose premade doors or choose to customize your own assembly and have the manufacturer build it for you. Once your doors are ready to be hung, our technicians will come and install and balance the entire assembly. They will check everything out to make sure it is working correctly and answer any questions you have. Don’t forget to schedule your maintenance at least once a year to keep it going.

Call Us For Service Today

Garage Door Repair of Galt is ready to be your first call when you need excellent service for your garage door. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all types of service. It will be our pleasure to come out right away and get started.

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